New Home? Plant Some Trees!

May 06th 2020

Trees are some of the most coveted features in residential landscaping and with good reason. They provide homeowners with a plethora of benefits ranging from the purely aesthetic to the more practical. Whether you prefer decorative trees with colorful seasonal foliage or hardy evergreen trees for year-round shade, adding trees to your new home can make your investment all the more worthwhile.

Learn more about the numerous long-term and short-term health and financial benefits of adding trees to your home as explained by our expert team of Gainesville arborists.

Cleaner Air

This one is a no-brainer — trees help purify the air by removing harmful airborne pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide. A single tree can remove a staggering 10 lbs. of these pollutants a year! The result is forest-like, fresh air right outside your door. In addition, non-pollen producing trees can be especially beneficial for families with asthmatic members, as these plants can help lower the risk of respiratory complications.

Natural Sound-Proofing

Trees are known for evoking feelings of serenity and peace but it’s not just because of their idyllic allure and air-purifying characteristics. Trees can act as natural sound barriers too, blocking out street noise from cars, mowers, radios, and pedestrians, among other sounds. They can do so thanks to their dense foliage and branching which dampens most noises. Less street noise means better sleep for you and your family, less anxiety, and an overall greater sense of calm and wellness.

Natural Wind Protection

You might be wary of planting big trees around your home out of fear that the trees might someday fall and damage your property. But not all big trees are hazardous. On the contrary, with enough routine pruning services by an experienced arborist, big trees can even act as a natural windbreaker for your home. With proper tree installation services, you can help prevent strong and cold wind drafts from tearing your roof’s siding and entering your home.

Lower Utility Costs

Trees can also help prevent cold air from entering your home during the winter. With less cold drafts making their way into your home, your heating unit won’t have to turn on as often to maintain comfortable indoor air temperatures, saving you money on your heating bill. In the summertime, trees can block excess sunlight and provide your home with ample shade, so your air conditioner won’t have to run as often to keep your house cool.

Increased Home Value

Aside from saving you money on heating and cooling your home, trees can improve the value of your property significantly. Most real estate buyers are drawn to the shade, improved air quality, and personality provided by trees. But even if you don’t plan to sell your home anytime soon, increasing your home value with a tree can grant you more leverage when negotiating refinancing options and applying for a mortgage.

Ready to welcome trees into your property? Contact us today to learn more about our tree care services or to schedule a free estimate.