Tree Restoration & Preservation Services

Before your next home or business project, contact SkyFrog Tree Service about available tree preservation and restoration services. Our team works with you to protect your trees and restore them after construction, disease or infestation.

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Supplemental Tree Support

Supplemental support helps a tree with a structural defect or condition that may cause damage to nearby people or property. Our certified arborists perform a thorough examination before any support system is installed. Supports are commonly used for defects such as codominant stem; heavy or overextended branches; and weakly anchored trees. Cabling and bracing provide more support to limbs with weak branch unions by limiting movement. Contact SkyFrog Tree Service to learn more about supplemental tree support systems.

Lightning Protection

Florida is known as the lightning capital of the United States. Lightning protection systems aim to safeguard a tree against cloud-to-ground lightning strikes. Trees are at risk of lightning strikes and, by extension, so are nearby trees and buildings. The system creates an optimal point for lightning to strike and then channels the strike to the ground. By using a predetermined path, the damage caused by a strike and sideflash to the tree and nearby trees and structures is reduced. SkyFrog Tree Service can help you decide which trees would most benefit from a lightning protection system.

Keep Your Trees Safe

Root Excavation

Root excavation is done before transplant or to protect driveways, septic systems and foundations. It also helps to:

  • Expose and remove stem girdling roots.
  • Prevent damage to hardscape.
  • Reduce damage to tree from root loss.
  • Increase vigor.
Before Root Excavation
In-Progress Root Excavation
After Root Excavation

Plant Growth Regulator

Application of a plant growth regulator to a tree slows down vegetative growth, allowing more nutritional resources to stay within the root system. It also increases the production of fibrous roots and chlorophyll, which feed the tree, and boosts its natural defense mechanisms to fight decay and insect infestation.

Spanish moss is a common sight throughout Florida, and although it may look pretty at times, it can strain tree branches because of the significant amount of moisture it retains. SkyFrog Tree Service is equipped with professional tools and the skill required to effectively treat any tree and remove Spanish moss.

Pre-Construction Tree Preservation

Part of our pre-construction tree preservation is creating an inventory of the trees on the site. We also design a tree protection plan with you and site managers who will be involved in the construction.

Post-Work Tree Preservation

Stress caused by construction doesn’t immediately end for trees. Post-construction preservation includes supplemental irrigation and monitoring for signs of stress or pest infestation. SkyFrog Tree Service works with you create a custom preservation plan.

Examine After Construction

A SkyFrog Tree Service arborist can examine a tree after construction to determine whether restoration services are needed. These may include supplemental supports, pruning, aerating the root zone and ongoing monitoring for potential decline.