3 Reasons To Remove Trees

Apr 15th 2022

It may not always be apparent when it's time to remove a tree, but if left alone, a tree can be a potential danger to your property or a blemish to an otherwise beautiful landscape.

Not sure if it's time for tree removal? Check out the most common reasons for tree removal and contact SkyFrog Tree Service to request a free estimate.

The Tree Is Damaged, Sickly, Or Dead

Damaged Trees

Tree damage can come from many sources, including storm damage and poor lawn care. Depending on the extent of the damage, where the damage is, and other factors affecting the tree's health, you may be able to save the tree with our tree restoration services. However, this isn't always an option, and the tree may have to be removed regardless. Our Gainesville arborists can inspect the tree to determine the best course of action.

Sickly Trees

A damaged tree is vulnerable to disease or infestation. Once this happens, a tree often can't be saved, and keeping it may endanger other plants on your property and be a potential danger to residents and guests. Signs of a sickly tree include the following.

  • Wilting
  • Yellowing Or Browning Leaves Outside Of Fall Or Winter
  • Dead Patches Where Leaves Won't Grow
  • Spots On The Bark, Leaves, Or Fruit
  • Dying Or Dropping Branches
  • Tree Leaning

If you believe that your tree may be sick, contact our arborists for a dependable assessment!

Dead Trees

Once disease, infestations, and other damages have become too extensive, the tree will eventually die, evidenced by the lack of growth, the bark changing color, and branches becoming brittle or falling off. Cracks or peeling of the trunk may be visible, and the tree may lean as the dead roots no longer provide support. A dead tree should be removed as soon as possible for the safety of your family and property. Contact us today for emergency tree removal.

The Tree Is In A Bad Location

Sometimes, the tree can be healthy but in a bad spot, possibly due to poor tree establishment, where those who planted the tree didn't take curb appeal, lawn and home shading, or view blockage into consideration. Additionally, trees can live for decades, so one planted 50 years ago in a perfectly good place might now be in the way of new construction, repairs, or pathways. A tree might have also grown too big and is killing your lawn from overshading. In this case, depending on the tree's type and condition, we may be able to relocate it, but oftentimes, removal is the only option.

Can't Maintain The Tree

Trees can require a lot of maintenance to keep them healthy and looking their best. Otherwise, they can be an eyesore and potential hazard. While a local tree maintenance company can provide tree pruning and mature tree care, it can be an investment. Fruit-bearing trees can also be a hassle if you don't want to harvest the fruit or clean up what falls from the trees, which can encourage pests such as flies and wasps. If you don't have the time or money to maintain trees on your property, it's often better just to have them removed.

Check out our tree services FAQs page, or call us to speak to a certified Gainesville arborist!