Tree Pruning For Commercial Properties

Trees are a common sight among commercial properties in Gainesville, FL. With so many trees, questions about pruning and commercial tree trimming are ones we frequently hear. SkyFrog Tree Service has the skills and experience necessary to give your commercial trees and property a facelift through tree pruning. Contact us today to speak with one of our arborists about the many ways commercial pruning improves a commercial property!

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Commercial Pruning Services

Commercial tree pruning in Gainesville, FL is more strategic than regular tree trimming. Pruning is generally done when the tree is in its dormant state. The main reasons for pruning are:

  • Protect the tree's overall health;
  • Improve or maintain the structural integrity for safety reasons; and
  • Improve the tree's and the surrounding property’s appearance.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning removes weakened, aged, dead, diseased, or otherwise undesirable whole branches. These branches are often found next to major branches or the tree trunk.

Heading Back

SkyFrog Tree Service uses heading back to eliminate types of growth problems in a tree, usually when the tree is transplanted. It’s done to let the tree open up and establish sturdy and strong new growth. Heading back also helps the tree keep its shape or height.

Large Limb Removal

Occasionally large limbs pose a potential hazard to the building and other parts of a commercial property. With large limb removal, not only are these limbs removed by our commercial tree trimmers, but precautions are taken to prevent tear bark from the tree trunk. This is to ensure the area heals properly over time and doesn’t compromise the tree’s health.

Benefits Of Commercial Tree Pruning

The benefits of commercial tree pruning build upon and work hand-in-hand with one another.

Less Susceptible To Disease

A tree with regular pruning is less susceptible to disease because of the increased air flow to interior parts of the tree and promotion of strong growth. A healthy and structurally strong tree also has a higher tolerance to damage from storms and high winds.

Reduce Risk Of Property Damage

If you have trees on your commercial property, any time the winds pick up, the property is at risk to damage unless the trees are healthy and strong. Since regular pruning helps a tree maintain its health, you’re also lowering the risk of damage to the property, such as a building or vehicles parked outside.

More Sunlight To Other Plants

The other plants and landscaping also enjoy tree pruning through more sunlight reaching them. As they grow and thrive, passersby will take note of how good the property looks.

Improve Appearance Of Commercial Property

Aesthetics play a large role in many commercial properties and having healthy and well-kept trees improves the exterior appearance. Not only will your property be inviting to current customers and clients, its curb appeal will also increase the property value should you sell the business.

Tree Pruning Service In Gainesville, FL

When you contact SkyFrog Tree Service about tree trimming in Gainesville, the process begins with us asking questions about the scope of work. These questions allow us to understand your expectations and what the final goals are. Most customers ask for a cost estimate to the project; cost savings are often found in pruning when the trees are dormant, performing the work by sections rather than all-at-once, and our access to the tree with equipment. This saves you money and lets our arborists provide commercial tree pruning in an efficient manner. Contact us today to learn more about commercial tree pruning or to schedule an appointment!