New Tree Establishment

Trees are a significant part of our landscaping. Whether only one is planted at a time or many are planted at once, they must be planted properly or the tree will quickly die. If the tree is required by a city ordinance and dies, you will be required to replace it, so it is beneficial to plant the tree properly the first time. When you need assistance with new tree establishment in Gainesville, contact SkyFrog Tree Service.

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Tree Establishment Standards

When you are planting new trees, federal and local regulations require certain standards to improve the likelihood that they will survive. The tree that is being planted must have a diameter of at least two inches, and it needs to have been grown in a container or balled-and-burlapped. Because soil is so integral in providing trees with nutrients, it must first reach satisfactory standards before the tree is planted. The soil should have a pH level somewhere between 5.8 and 7.0, and have at least 5 percent organic matter. It will also need to be aerated eight inches beneath the topsoil. The actual hole that you place the tree into must be about two to three times larger than the root ball itself and can’t be less than three feet in any one direction. The hole should not be deeper than the root ball and it should be either slightly above the ground or just beneath the surface.

Commercial Tree Planting

Often when land is developed to build new office buildings, the government will require you to plant a certain number of trees. It should be noted that out of all of the new trees, only 30 percent are permitted be the same species. If you are planting trees in a parking lot, you will need to choose tree species that are ideal for that setting. These trees will also need to have sufficient soil surface area or your tree may become stunted. For example, very small trees require at least 25 square feet of exposed surface area while large trees require at least 400 square feet.

New Trees For Your Residential Property

Research has shown that trees can cause a 4 percent to 27 percent increase in the value of your property. If you are planting a new tree in your front lawn, keep in mind that it is better to plant smaller trees as they require less time to become established, cost less and have a better chance of surviving. You will also need to set aside the required time to lay mulch, irrigate the tree regularly, and apply fertilizer.

How To Care For New Trees

When establishing a new tree, it will need a fair amount of care afterwards. Remove any dead and broken branches when you place it in the ground. The new tree must be watered every day for two months and then once every two days for three months. After this time period, you can reduce it to once a week. You must also apply two to three inches of fresh mulch in a circle around the base of the tree with a diameter of two feet. This helps prevent other plants from competing for nutrients or water. One month after you plant your tree, fertilize it with slow-release nitrogen.

Consult A Qualified Gainesville Arborist

When trees are first planted, they are extremely fragile and vulnerable to drought, disease and pests. If poor techniques are used to plant your tree, it will have no chance of survival. That is why it is vital to contact a Gainesville arborist. Arborists know the most recent techniques and practices for tree establishment to increase the chances of successfully establishing your tree. An arborist can effectively plant your tree and inform you about proper care afterward.

Tree Transplant In Florida

What Is Transplant Shock Syndrome?

Transplant shock syndrome is the collective term referring to several stresses a tree can display after being transplanted to a new location. Unless the stresses are discovered and treated early, the overall health and strength of a tree can quickly diminish. A common contributor to this condition is transplanting a tree out of season or during a time of year that isn’t supportive of re-establishment.

It’s possible to transplant a tree yourself, but when in doubt, call SkyFrog Tree Service for professional tree service Gainesville residents have relied on for years. Our team works with you and creates a transplant plan that reduces the chance of damaging the surrounding landscape and the tree itself.

Why Transplant When A Tree Is Dormant?

When a tree is dormant, it’s essentially in hibernation. The need for nutrients and water decreases which means the tree is less likely to be affected by transplanting. Plus, transplanting a tree before the growing season begins allows it time to re-establish the root system which places it in a position for continued growth. Our arborists can evaluate the health of a tree in question and advise you of the time frame that the species will be dormant.

For example, take a look at these tree species — planting during the dormant time frames  would provide you with the best opportunity of avoiding transplant shock:

  • Oaks: February or March is ideal, but any time before the first buds appear should be fine
  • Fruit trees: Early spring
  • Evergreens: Early fall

Signs Of Transplant Shock

Common signs a formerly healthy tree is suffering from transplant shock syndrome include:

  • New bud growth in the late spring
  • Stunted flower or twig growth
  • Brown leaf tips and/or premature fall colors
  • Dying branches

However, the signs of transplant shock vary from tree to tree. If you suspect a tree is suffering from these symptoms, contact a Gainesville arborist with SkyFrog Tree Service.

How To Save A Transplanted Tree

Most issues with a transplanted tree are related to root damage during the uprooting process. It’s not uncommon for the majority of the root system to be lost or damaged which forces the tree to use its nutrients and water to regrow the system. If your tree appears stressed, start by allowing at least one inch of water to soak into the root system each week. Also, add a deep mulch layer — up to four inches deep — several inches from the base of the tree to the outermost leaves. This will lessen moisture evaporation from the root system.

As with any type of Gainesville tree care, the biggest key to keep in mind is patience. Depending on how stressed a tree is when the recovery process begins, it may take up to five years for the tree to fully recover.

3 Reasons To Plant A Tree 

There are plenty of reasons to plant a tree, so grab the tree of your choice, a shovel and get ready to plant! 

Create A Healthy Environment

Tree planting is such a simple way to do your part in positively impacting the environment. Did you know that a tree absorbs carbon dioxide and releases vital oxygen back into the air? Trees play an integral role in cleansing the air to better the air quality in our environment. Additionally, through photosynthesis trees absorb pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and ammonia. Just one tree can absorb roughly 10 pounds of pollutants and release 260 pounds of oxygen in a year, according to the Arbor Day Foundation

The leaves of trees prove helpful for several aspects of nature and the environment. Leaves provide shade, homes and nesting materials for wildlife and other plants, as well as acting as a protector for tree roots from heavy rainfall and/or hail. When flooding rains occur, tree leaves are able to divert some of the rain to prevent soil erosion and mitigate rainwater runoff; this allows the tree roots to stay in place and adequately absorb the rain. 

Don’t forget that eventually, the tree will have branches that are sturdy enough to support bird feeders! All it takes is a feeder and some seeds, you’ll have a tree bustling with the chatter of hungry birds — and maybe a few hungry squirrels too! 

Increase The Value Of Your Home & Property

Many homeowners are attracted to a lush yard that provides shade. Create an attractive backyard that’ll attract as many buyers as beautiful critters! Consider incorporating trees that produce flowers for a spectacular show of butterflies, hummingbirds and more! Do your research and determine the best shade tree for your property; once it is grown it will be the ideal spot for reading a book or having an afternoon picnic. An attractive yard for gardening, relaxing, and entertaining goes a long way with homebuyers. 

Improve Your Mental & Physical Health

Simply being able to view even a single tree and enjoy nature is great for your mental health. Also, with the opportunities that a tree provides, it’s likely you’ll be spending more time outdoors enjoying nature and/or being active. Whether you choose to plant additional trees, start a garden or relax in a hammock — planting one tree is a great catalyst for improving your physical and mental health. 

Experienced Tree Care Companies In Gainesville, FL

If you are looking for an arborist in Gainesville, FL, choose SkyFrog Tree Service. We have several arborists on our staff and more than 40 years of experience to provide you with superior results. If you are considering adding a plant to your residential or commercial property, contact our office today to learn more.