Pruning & Dead Wood Removal

If you own property with trees in North Central Florida, pruning and deadwood removal are absolutely essential. When storm season hits, high winds can cause withered or dead branches to fall and damage homes, businesses, and vehicles. Live branches also need pruning to maintain adequate tree health, get rid of dangerous branches, and relieve the burden of overgrown and unkempt trees. Pruning can be a dangerous job, though. For your safety, it’s best to hire professional arborist services. At SkyFrog Tree Service, we offer pruning and deadwood removal for all types of trees. We'll safely and efficiently clear away any unwanted wood so your trees can look their best. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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Reasons To Prune Trees In Gainesville


Deadwood can develop within a tree for a variety reasons, from fungus and disease to storm damage and lack of water. But once a branch is dead, it’s susceptible to breaking off and causing damage to property and injury to bystanders. Pruning is the main way arborists in Gainesville safely remove deadwood from trees.

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is what keeps trees standing tall. Pruning can help bolster the strength of a tree by keeping it healthy and growing tall. Weak branches are among the threats to a tree’s structural integrity. But once they’re removed, the stronger branches take over the load. A tree’s center of gravity can also be affected by lopsided branches, especially in the crown. One dramatic implication of this situation could be a total tree failure. But pruning away excess branches straightens the tree and makes it structurally sound. Plus, upright trees look more attractive.

Reduced Maintenance

Tree pruning reduces the amount of long-term maintenance required to keep trees healthy and appealing. In addition, fewer branches to contend with make pruned trees easier to maneuver for Gainesville tree trimmers. And follow-up visits are brief and straightforward. Plus, a tree that’s pruned correctly has no structural defects that would require costly repairs in the future.

Tree Pruning & Dead Wood Removal Services in Gainesville, FL

Tree Longevity

Trees are one of the oldest-living organisms on the planet. In many ways, pruning enables a tree to reach its full lifespan. Water sprouts and suckers are parasitic growths that live at the base of trees and absorb tree nutrients. Pruning eliminates branches affected by these growths. Also, branches that rub together create wounds and notches where decay occurs. But pruning can alleviate friction and keep trees disease-free in the process.


Oftentimes, trees are planted in an suburban landscapes. As a result, trees becomes tangled with features of the human landscape, such as power lines, sidewalks, and windows. But tree limb pruning can shape a tree to fit its surroundings without affecting the tree’s health.

When To Prune?

When is the best time of the year to call a tree trimming company? The answer is all-year-round. Because of the temperate climate in Gainesville, pruning and deadwood removal are easily performed at any time of year. For some species of trees, meanwhile, pruning in the colder months promotes vigorous tree growth, while pruning in the warm months slows growth. Although, it’s best to consult an arborist about the right strategy for pruning specific types of trees.

Tree Pruning Schedule

Generally, most tree pruning services are only needed every three years to five years. Yet, several popular tree species should only be pruned during certain times of the year to avoid growth and health issues, including:

  • Southern Magnolia: Young magnolias should be pruned only as needed and in the mid to late spring.
  • Oaks: Most oak trees follow a three-year to five-year pruning schedule. These trees should only be pruned during late fall to the beginning of spring to avoid an oak wilt infection.
  • Crepe Myrtle: It’s best to prune these trees in late winter while the branches are leafless. Homeowners can continue to prune seed pods after the first bloom to encourage a second bloom during the year.

SkyFrog Tree Service can create a custom schedule for tree trimming Gainesville, FL, residents can follow for their trees. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Pruning Trees

Direct Growth & Shape

Pruning is regularly used to direct the growth and shape of a tree, such as inhibiting the development of broad or weak branches. It also eliminates future competition between branches for available air circulation and sun exposure.

Change The Appearance Of The Tree

If a tree’s growth has left it standing out among the others — and not in a good way — pruning can bring it back in line. It also helps improve sight lines around the property and create a more open atmosphere.

Promote Tree Health

Tree trimming provides a boost of sun exposure and air circulation to the interior of the tree canopy and landscape underneath. Both factors are directly tied to the health of a tree.

Encourage Flower Or Fruit Production

Pruning is a great way to encourage a tree’s flower or fruit production. Call the Gainesville tree trimmers with SkyFrog Tree Service in the last few weeks of winter to schedule an appointment before spring blooming begins.

Why You Should Prune Trees

Along with the health benefits to the individual tree, scheduling an appointment with a tree trimming company in Gainesville prevents potential safety hazards from the tree. SkyFrog Tree Service assesses the structural integrity of a tree to determine if branches and/or limbs could fall on a building, driveway, or other structure with storm or wind damage.

Removing Dead Tree Branches

Why Do Tree Branches Die?

Branches and limbs may die for many reasons, including problems isolated to a single limb or because of the whole tree’s declining health. When individual limbs are dying on just one side of a tree, the cause is usually damage or issues with the root system.

Limb Damage & Injury

Errant saw cuts and damage from kids’ rope swings are two common sources of injury and damage to tree limbs. Regarding swings, the back-and-forth movement causes the rope, or other material, to saw through the bark and into the limb. The wound from a saw or rope is an entry point for diseases and pests that can quickly kill the branch if it's left untreated.

Root System Issues

Since the root system carries nutrients and water to the limbs, root system issues can affect the branches’ health. Stem girdling roots, for instance, can cut off the supply of nutrients and water to one side of a tree, causing its branches to die off. If you have root issues, calling an arborist with SkyFrog Tree Service early on increases the likelihood of saving the tree.

What Do Dead Tree Branches Look Like?

There’s a vivid contrast between dead and live tree branches. Live branches are lush and rich in color. Dead branches have desiccated textures and rarely have new growths. The wood is also brittle and can easily break on a windy day. And in terms of color, dead branches range from light gray to pale white but can also appear brown or tan when mushrooms and other fungi grow.

Can A Tree Regrow Dead Branches?

Generally, no. There is a chance a branch will grow back if it wasn’t entirely dead and the tree pruning was correctly done. But improper pruning can lead to increased risks of disease and pest infestation.

Dead Branch Removal In Gainesville

Why Should I Remove Dead Tree Limbs?

Tree Health

Allowing a dead limb to break off on its own isn’t just dangerous, it also puts the tree’s overall health at risk. As the limb tears away from the trunk, it can remove outer bark, inner bark (which carries food to the rest of the tree), and part of the cambium cell layer, which would impact the tree’s ability to produce bark and wood and new growths in spring. That’s why proper tree branch removal is done without harming the tree's health.


Tropical storm- and hurricane-force winds aren’t the only forces that can bring down dead branches. Even mildly gusty winds can bend and snap dead wood, sending it crashing down onto cars or homes. When a branch dies, it becomes an additional weight on the tree. A tree trimming company should be called as soon as possible to remove any potentially hazardous limb.


Removing even one dead branch improves the appearance and health of a tree, which also increases your property’s value. Eliminating these branches and limbs from fruit-bearing trees also directs nutrients and water toward living limbs and causes a more bountiful harvest.

Why Hire An Arborist To Prune Trees?

Pruning a tree the wrong way can result in severe damage or even death to the tree. If a branch is cut incorrectly, it won’t heal. As a result, the tree can become infected by fungus or insects. Furthermore, making unstrategic cuts could destabilize a tree’s structure and potentially cause it to collapse. But there’s also the inherent danger of climbing trees and working high above the ground with sharp clippers and saws. For these reasons, it's best to contact a professional arborist who will care for the tree and prune it safely.

Tree Pruning Services In Gainesville, FL

There are many reasons to prune a tree, but only one company to put on the job: SkyFrog Tree Service. We provide tree trimming services Gainesville residents can count on to make their properties safe and their trees healthy, and attractive. We do both residential and commercial properties and bring all the required climbing and safety equipment and pruning gear. We also haul away leftover branches and deadwood so your property is as clean as your trees.

To learn more about our pruning and deadwood removal services, contact us today!