Multifamily & Commercial Properties

If you’re a property manager in need of top-notch tree service in Gainesville, look no further than SkyFrog Tree Service. Our tree care company offers several categories of services that can benefit your property.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the landscaping of a multifamily residence, remove the natural debris around your commercial property after a storm, or refine the trees around houses to meet homeowners association rules, we offer quality service at competitive prices.

Multifamily & Commercial Properties

Tree Service for Multifamily Residences

Across the region of North Central Florida, our Gainesville tree care company delivers top-quality services that have made us one of the preferred companies for a variety of multifamily residences. From apartments and condos to townhouses, student apartment communities, and private communities, we have the experience and equipment to take care of the trees on your property.

Let’s say you have a complex with available units you’re trying to fill. Scheduling tree trimming services and removing unwanted stumps or debris are fantastic ways to enhance the look of the property and make it more inviting for potential renters as well as current tenants.

Cleaning up a property after a tropical storm or hurricane is another way we can maintain and improve the appearance of your property. In addition to being an unwelcome sight, fallen trees and branches can present a hazard to the residents of a property. Thankfully, we provide 24-hour emergency services to remove storm-damaged trees and limbs.  

To learn more about our tree removal in Gainesville or the other SkyFrog services for multifamily residences, please contact us for a free estimate today.

Tree Trimming for Commercial Properties

The exterior of your commercial building is often the first sight that your customers or business clientele will see. We can help you make a great first impression! As Gainesville arborists, we understand how to prune and trim the types of trees that grow in North Central Florida in a way that’s healthy for the trees but also appealing to the eyes of your clients.

It’s also worth noting that commercial properties are often large or present unique landscaping challenges. Not just any tree service company can accommodate the needs of such buildings, but SkyFrog can. In fact, our team of professional arborists has the knowledge and necessary tools to tackle all kinds of scenarios, including removing trees, limbs, and stumps that were damaged by bad weather.

Our Gainesville tree care company possesses one other quality that is appealing to property managers of commercial buildings, and that’s punctuality. When you schedule a tree service with our company, you can expect us to arrive on time and to complete the work promptly and efficiently. Time is money to a business, and we understand that the sooner we clean up or beautify the trees around your property, the sooner your business can impress its customers.

Tree Care for Homeowners Associations

The expert way our company works with homeowners associations has made us a preferred tree trimming company in Gainesville and the surrounding Alachua County areas.

The reason for our popularity is not only that we deliver a high quality of results for property managers, but it’s also that we communicate with you to make sure we’re meeting all your expectations. The guidelines in homeowners associations can be specific and unique to different properties, and that’s why we take care to understand and abide by the exact requirements for each job.

Tree trimming is as much a science as it is an art form. Trimming a few limbs to a certain length on one tree could enhance the visual appeal of the property while pruning a tree at another house differently might create the desired amount of shade or let in the right amount of sunlight to the home.

Paying attention to the nuances of tree trimming is what makes our company exceptional. Meanwhile, our 24-hour emergency tree removal service and our dedication to punctuality and high-quality results make us reliable.

Common Tree Care Mistakes On Commercial Properties

Without enough expertise and the right equipment, mistakes are likely to happen when caring for trees. This is especially the case in commercial properties where inexperienced arborists often prioritize the appearance of trees over tree health. Thoroughly planned and responsible tree care services, however, are all about providing both aesthetically pleasing results as well as healthy, long-lasting trees. So don’t settle for a pretty facade on your next project. Choose a Gainesville arborist with SkyFrog Tree Service and avoid having to deal with the effects of these common tree care mistakes.

Ignoring Early Signs Of Illness

Similarly to symptoms from sick humans, trees that are ill or about to become ill may likewise show warning signs. Branches that suddenly wither, sores on the trunk and branches, and leaves falling prematurely are all signs that a tree is not in good health. If the root-issue is left untreated, these symptoms will only worsen until it is too late to save the tree from dying. The best way to ensure that your trees are in optimal health is to contact professional arborists for a tree inspection. During an inspection, every component of the tree, as well as the surfaces and other plants surrounding the trees, will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated.


Mulch is a popular material option commonly chosen to achieve an even finish to a property’s exterior, but over-mulching poses a serious threat to tree health. While primarily used to increase the level of moisture-retention at tree bases, too much mulch piled around the trunk could attract harmful fungi and pests due to an overload of moisture being retained by the mulch. Don’t compromise the health of your trees by over-mulching and instead, opt for a more natural look (such as with bark or wood chips) to preserve your trees’ health.

Over- & Under-Irrigation

As with other living beings, trees depend on water for sustenance, but too much or too little water can compromise their health. Automatic irrigation systems take the bulk of the work out of watering your trees but they must be scheduled according to the needs of your trees. An excess of water can wash away valuable nutrients from the soil, making it difficult for tree roots to do their job. On the other hand, without enough water, trees won’t be able to convert these nutrients into energy. If you are unsure about how often (and how much) you should water your trees, contact our tree service company for a free service estimate.

Planting Too Deep

Tree roots grow better in shallow soils through which they can more easily spread and absorb water, oxygen, and nutrients. If trees are planted too deep in the earth, the thick underlying soil may impede upon the tree’s ability to access the resources it needs to thrive, which can severely affect its health. In order to ensure the trees on your property are planted at an appropriate depth, it’s important your arborist get it right the first time by planting trees high enough for the top of the roots to be visible above ground.

If you’re a property manager looking for tree service for a multifamily residence, commercial property, or homeowners association, we invite you to schedule service with SkyFrog today.