Stump Grinding

SkyFrog Tree Service provides stump removal and stump grinding services in Gainesville, FL. Decaying stumps can become cumbersome on residential and commercial properties, so it is often best to have them removed. Ask our arborists to remove and grind the stump, leaving you with a beautiful property and natural mulch — perfect for landscaping! If you need a stump removed, contact SkyFrog for a free stump grinding estimate.

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Stump Removal in Gainesville, FL

Having a large tree removed? Consider having the stump ground. The stump will eventually decay on its own, but that will likely take years and in the meantime you will be left with the unsightly aftereffects. The decaying stump can invite pests to your yard, and often new sprouts will continue to form.

Stump grinding allows for the reclamation of your yard space for turf grass or landscape installation. It also eliminates a trip hazard and mowing nuisance, and makes it easier to remove the remaining root flares.

The stump is typically ground to just below soil level, and the remaining grindings can be used as mulch or left to decay on their own.

Stump Grinding Services in Gainesivlle, FL Stump Grinding Services in Gainesivlle, FL