Stump Grinding

When trees are cut down, their stumps can disrupt the appearance of a landscape and invite pests, among other problems. Stump grinding from SkyFrog Tree Service is an effective way to remove stumps from residential and commercial properties. Using industrial stump grinders, our arborists in Gainesville grind down stumps below the soil line. The result is a clean looking yard. Stump grinding is sustainable because the resulting wood chips can be made into mulch for other plants and trees.

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Benefits Of Stump Removal

Stump grinding is beneficial to homeowners and businesses for a variety of reasons. To schedule stump grinding or our other tree care services in Gainesville, FL, contact us today!

Beautify A Landscape

Because they draw the eye, stumps can be the unwanted focal points of a landscape. In a residential yard, stumps can divert attention from polished landscape features and lower the home’s property value. Stumps on a commercial property, meanwhile, can reflect badly on the image of the business in the eyes of customers. Many stumps also decay and become more unsightly with time. But a stump removal service can erase the visual distraction created by stumps and allow a landscape’s beauty to come through.


Stumps are cumbersome to remove without the right tools, which is why many stumps are simply left to decay for years in the ground. But during this time, stumps can become infested with termites, pests, and harmful fungi. Depending on where the stumps are located, infestations can spread to nearby homes and businesses. Therefore, instead of pest control, stump grinding is the best form of remediation for infested stumps because it eliminates all remnants above the soil.

Suckers & Waterspouts

Suckers and waterspouts are noxious shoots on the trunks of certain species of trees. Their stalks can grow six feet or more in a year, and they usually return after being removed. For example, after a tree is cut down, the attached suckers and waterspouts continue to live on the stump. In order to extirpate these invasive shoots, tree and stump removal must be done in tandem.  

Stump Grinding In Gainesville

Remove Hazards

Stumps can make lawn care more difficult. When mowing the grass around a stump, the stump’s above-ground roots can interfere with the mower blades and damage the machine. Stumps can also be tripping hazards for humans. And if a person sustains an injury by tripping over a stump, the property owner is liable for that injury. Thus, it’s essential for homeowners and businesses to remove stumps from their properties.

Health Of Other Plants

Other approaches to stump removal involve toxic chemicals that are harmful to nearby plants. But stump grinding is completely safe for all other plants on a property. Arborists use stump grinders precisely, targeting only those stumps slated for removal. As a result, nearby plants and surrounding soil are undisturbed by the stump removal process.

Uses For Stump Grindings

The wood chips made from grinding down a stump have useful applications in other landscaping projects.


Shavings from healthy and decaying stumps can be used as mulch in gardens and around trees. Mulch insulates the lower soil levels to create stable temperatures, more moisture, and less intrusion from weeds. These conditions help plant roots thrive. Moreover, as wood chips slowly decay, they add sustained nutrients to the soil.

Soil Amendment

Wood chips from healthy stumps can be tilled into the ground as an addition to the soil. When the stump grindings mix with the soil, they create larger pore spaces that enable sunlight and moisture to reach plant roots. Stump grinding remnants also decompose rapidly underground for a burst of soil nutrients.

Why Hire A Professional Stump Grinder?

Stump grinder machines are available for rent and for purchase. So why hire a professional arborist to grind down a stump? The first part of the answer is price. It’s typically more expensive to rent a stump grinder for a one- or two-day job than to hire a professional. And unless the property in question is a forest, buying a stump grinder is economically unsound.

Time is a second advantage of hiring a professional. At SkyFrog Tree Service, we use industrial stump grinders. Industrial stump grinders remove stumps more efficiently than any store-bought grinder. And finally, safety is always the primary consideration. Stump grinders feature powerful hydraulics and sharp cutting wheels.

Without training and experience, it can be dangerous to operate these machines. Contact the arborists with SkyFrog Tree Service to schedule professional stump grinding services.

Stump Grinding Services In Gainesville, FL

Stump Grinding Services In Gainesville

SkyFrog Tree Service provides stump grinding services in North Central Florida. Our arborists grind the stump below the soil, effectively removing all traces of the stump. The result is a beautified landscape for a home or business. Compared to store-bought stump grinders, our industrial machines are more powerful and efficient. Our services are also more cost-effective than renting a stump grinder. Additionally, our arborists perform tree removal services, which can be paired with stump grinding in the same job. For stump removal services in Gainesville, contact SkyFrog Tree Service today!