Mature Tree Care

What could be better than a mature live oak on your property, stretching its beautiful limbs to the sky? Many people don't realize that mature trees need care and maintenance to stay healthy and to protect their properties from unwanted damage. SkyFrog Tree Service can provide the right care and maintenance for your mature trees so they last a lifetime. Contact us for a free mature tree care estimate and to learn more about our mature tree services.

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Mature Tree Evaluations & Care in Gainesville, FL

Mature trees should be evaluated by a certified arborist for possible health issues, safety, and care programs. Careful consideration of each tree and site is the best way to ensure the safety of both the trees and those who enjoy them. Let our staff consult with you on the best care for your mature trees.

We sometimes use a specialized piece of equipment called an air spade to aerate the soil around the root systems of mature trees. This can be helpful when trees have been subjected to soil compaction. Air spading is a gentle way to restore air and soil volume without risking damage to a mature tree’s roots. Click here to see the air spade in action.

Mature Tree Care in Gainesville, FL Mature Tree Maintenance in Gainesville, FL