Mature Tree Care

Tall and majestic, mature trees are a welcome sight to any home or business. What many people don’t realize, though, is these trees need annual care and maintenance to stay healthy. Without that care, a mature tree is at risk of developing several issues, some of which are serious enough to cause property damage. Fortunately, SkyFrog Tree Services offers specialized tree care for mature trees. Across Gainesville, we ensure trees are healthy, safe, and attractive. Contact us for a free estimate for mature tree services.

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Mature Tree Evaluations

Mature trees should be evaluated by a certified arborist for possible health issues, safety, and care programs. Careful consideration of each tree and site is the best way to ensure the safety of both the trees and those who enjoy them. Let our staff consult with you on the best care for your mature trees.

We sometimes use a specialized piece of equipment called an air spade to aerate the soil around the root systems of mature trees. This can be helpful when trees have been subjected to soil compaction. Air spading gently restores air and soil volume without risking damage to a mature tree’s roots.

Mature Tree Care In Gainesville, FL

Benefits Of Mature Trees

Appealing landscape features, trees add to the property values of homes. Yet as trees mature, they become even more valuable — especially when they’re maintained with professional tree care services. Trees on commercial properties and multifamily residences, can beautify the grounds for customers and tenants. Meanwhile, when they shade buildings from the sun, trees enable homeowners and businesses to save on energy costs.

How To Care For Mature Trees

Preventative maintenance ensures mature trees experience healthy growth and have structural integrity. As part of a maintenance plan, arborists in Gainesville may incorporate tree inspections, fertilization, pruning, and (in some cases) tree removal.


Arborists perform in-depth visual inspections to determine the vitality of mature trees. We look for key indicators of tree health, such as bud formation, leaf size, twig growth, and crown health. Based on these observations, we develop individualized tree-care plans for each tree on the property.

Soil Management

Proper soil biology is necessary for mature tree growth. Nutrients are essential, but the soil must also have the appropriate pH level for nutrient uptake. As part of tree care services, a Gainesville arborist can enhance soil volume and boost root nutrients with an air spade.

Why Mature Tree Maintenance Matters

As the health of a mature tree declines, so does its value to a property. Furthermore, a dying tree can have structural weaknesses that could result in a collapse and property damage. But mature trees seldom experience health problems abruptly. Rather, the symptoms of a problem can begin several years in advance. But during maintenance, arborists can identify and correct small issues before they become larger and more costly.


Tree pruning removes diseased, insect-infested, and dead branches from mature trees. In the process, pruning makes the trees safer and enhances their structural health and aesthetics. As a job, pruning can be dangerous because it requires climbing and the removal of large branches. This is why arborists use proper tools and safety equipment.


Tree removal is a tree service Gainesville residents usually need after a severe storm, but it applies to tree maintenance, as well. If a tree is dying or overcrowding other trees in ways that pruning cannot resolve, removal may be necessary.

Mature Tree Maintenance in Gainesville, FL

Common Issues With Mature Trees

Soil Lacks Nutrients

Mature trees often struggle in urban landscapes because the soil lacks nutrients and the correct pH levels. Urban soils also tend to be too compacted for air and water to penetrate. One solution is air spading, which creates spores that invite nutrients into the ground.


Trunk rot, loose bark, mushrooms (conks), and crown dieback are signs of tree infections. Most infections begin as exterior wounds that are infiltrated by fungi or insects. When they’re caught early enough, infections are often treatable by arborists.

Growth Reduction

When they are healthy, mature trees grow at a fairly steady rate. A decline in a tree’s growth rate indicates a negative change in its condition. Arborists can identify growth reductions by comparing the rates of twig maturation over past years.

No Maintenance

When left to fend for themselves, mature trees can develop overgrowth and decay. These types of problems require extensive and costly solutions. But preventative maintenance is an affordable way to ensure the long-term health of mature trees.

Schedule Mature Tree Maintenance

SkyFrog Tree Services provides maintenance to keep mature trees healthy and attractive. Think of our tree care services as an investment. A mature tree adds value and distinction to a property. And caring for that tree makes it more valuable. Plus, there are the safety considerations to tree services. Our arborists prune branches that might otherwise fall and cause damage or injuries. And we treat problems early before they create structural issues. To schedule care and maintenance for mature trees, contact SkyFrog Tree Service today!