3 Tips To Landscape With Trees

Sep 29th 2023

Trees are a critical component of landscape design, offering color, texture, aesthetic intrigue, and life to outdoor spaces. But beyond their aesthetic value, they are a vital part of the ecosystem, providing food sources, shade, and safety to native local wildlife. They also benefit humans, providing shade, energy efficiency and conservation, privacy, insulation, noise abatement, carbon dioxide reduction, and much more. But how should you incorporate trees into your landscaping? What trees should you choose? Where should you plant them?

Here, our Gainesville arborists at SkyFrog Tree Service share three key tips for landscaping with trees for successful planting, healthy growth, and long-term sustainability of your trees. Our tree care company offers comprehensive tree services, from emergency tree service and pruning to mature tree care and new tree planting. Contact us today to schedule a tree assessment and to learn more about how we can make your landscape a natural oasis!

Create A Purposeful Landscape Plan

When creating your landscape plan, you should ask yourself several questions regarding trees: What is the size of your landscape? The answer to this question will help you determine the type of tree you should choose for planting. When developing your plan, consider the type and quality of soil present on your property, as many tree species have unique soil requirements, meaning planning in soil best suited for your chosen tree will help it thrive in the long term.

You should also consider the size the tree will likely reach as it nears and arrives at full maturity. Consider the proximity of surrounding structures to avoid planting a tree that will eventually pose a safety risk to your structure or power lines in the event of a storm or hurricane. Our arborists offer new tree establishment services so you can ensure your tree is planted the right way!

Determine Your Reason For Planting

Identifying why you want to plant trees in your landscape will help you select the ideal type of tree and determine the optimal place to plant it in your outdoor space. Whether you are planting for the benefits of shade, aesthetics, privacy, insulation, noise reduction, or another reason, thinking about why you're planting a new tree is important.

We recommend selecting Florida native trees for your landscape, as these trees are important for native wildlife, are more resistant to damage and pests, and are more likely to thrive than non-native varieties. Not sure what type of tree you should plant? A certified arborist can help you select the ideal tree based on your preferences, reason for planting, local climate, soil, and more.

Schedule Tree Care With Certified Arborists

Once you've created a landscape plan, chosen the right tree, selected the appropriate planting site, and planted the tree, you may think your work is complete. Yet, tree care does not cease after your new tree is put into the ground. Regardless of the type of tree you plant, its initial years of establishment and growth are critical in determining the tree's health, longevity, resistance to tree problems, and long-term lifespan.

The best way to properly care for newly planted trees is with the help of a certified arborist! A certified arborist has the knowledge, experience, and tools required to help trees thrive, whether new or mature. No matter what your vision for your landscape is, our arborists can help make it happen! Contact SkyFrog Tree Service to get started on your journey to a beautiful, tree-filled landscape!