Best Trees To Plant On Your Commercial Property

Sep 04th 2020

When it comes to landscaping and tree care, business owners often have different priorities than homeowners. In particular, there’s a greater emphasis on durability and cost-effectiveness. And, while the goal is to create a beautiful and inspiring landscape, nonetheless, there are better ways to achieve one without committing to demanding maintenance schedules.

For example, some trees are just undoubtedly less fickle than others in terms of required upkeep and maintenance, something which can certainly benefit any business in the long run.

Next time you need to schedule tree planting services, consider welcoming the following tree species into your property for a cost-effective, yet alluring landscape. More importantly, contact a reputable tree care company like SkyFrog Tree Service to request a free estimate.

Crape Myrtles

Also known as the “the lilac of the south,” the crape myrtle is a widely popular choice among business owners and city planners alike. The species is known for its resilience, being both frost and drought tolerant. Crape myrtles can also grow in limited soil space and up to 25 feet tall. Maintenance is also uncomplicated, making them perfect for high-traffic areas with full sun exposure, such as parking lots and sidewalks. Best of all, their colorful displays of summer flowers and brilliant fall colors are sure to catch your customers’ attention.

Fan Palms

It wouldn’t be Florida without some palm trees. Out of the hundred or so species of palm trees available beyond the tropics, fan palms are perhaps the most popular among southern business owners. These client-favorite trees can add a dash of tropical flair and elegance to any landscape. Fan palms are particularly common in large commercial properties as these trees can grow as high as 100 feet with a circumference of 10 feet! Maintenance wise, they do require a proper irrigation system, but they do not require excessive watering.

Southern Live Oak

When it comes to evergreen trees, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more iconic choice in North Central Florida than the Southern live oak. These trees are iconic for their poised stature and intricate branching. In fact, they range from medium to high-rate growth, with some trees reaching up to 80 feet in height and branches spreading up to twice as wide! The Southern live oak also has an incredibly long lifespan, flourishing best in deep, rich, and moist soil. If your commercial property has the space to spare, this will surely be an eye-catching option.

Southern Magnolias

Praised for its lustrous, dark-green leaves and delicate white blossoms, the Southern magnolia is an excellent choice for common areas in your commercial property. As their name suggests, these trees thrive best in warmer climates and are thus resilient to Florida’s hot and humid weather. Southern magnolias can also grow tall, up to 80 feet in height. The tree does shed large seed pods during the fall, so it’s best to plant them within the background landscape instead of along streets and parking lots.

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