Common Tree Health Issues

Jun 14th 2017

While there are a variety of factors that could be influencing the health of your tree, there are several problems that are common in North Central Florida.


While there are endless numbers of insects that may surround your tree, there are a number of insects that have the potential to cause severe damage. Signs of invasive pests depend on the type of insect. Boring insects leave behind small piles of sawdust at the base of the trunk, entry and exit holes in the bark, and sections of the crown that are dying or wilting. You can detect chewing insects by examining leaves for evidence. Sucking insects cause honeydew production, leaf dieback and scaly formations. Your Gainesville tree care company can help you correctly identify the problem and control the pests before they can wreak more havoc on your tree.


Diseases can greatly impact the health of your tree and may even cause irreparable damage. Common diseases include Oak Wilt, Pine Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Dogwood Anthracnose, Sudden Oak Death and many others. Your best chance of saving your tree is to identify the symptoms early. Indicators include tree decay on the trunk, unnatural tree architecture after improper pruning, and cracks and cankers in the bark implying that the bark and trunk are weak.


If your tree has an insufficient water supply, it causes leaf scorching, wilting, increased vulnerability to pests and diseases and stem dieback. When your certified arborists notices these symptoms, he or she can advise you on how to improve your watering habits. In order to prevent this situation from happening, it is important to ask your arborist for tree species that will thrive in the North Central Florida climate.

Improper Planting

It is important to consult certified arborists from the beginning. If you plant your tree using the wrong methods, your tree may slowly die even if you apply every other tree care tactic correctly. For instance, some homeowners plant the root flare of a tree too deep so that the tree is unable to form a secure root system.

Tree Care Teams in Gainesville, FL

Whether you are in need of regular pruning or an emergency tree removal, you will want to consult a tree company Gainesville, FL, residents trust. At SkyFrog Tree Service, we have several ISA certified arborists on staff and a team of highly trained workers. We are dedicated to ensuring the health of your trees and doing everything we can to save them. Contact us today for a consultation or estimate.