Tree Education

Well-established, healthy trees can have a significant impact on the value of your home, while poorly maintained trees can pose a danger to you, your property, and your guests. Proper tree care is necessary to make sure that your trees are attractive and will last for many years to come. While this service is an investment, it will pay off in the long term and it is vital that you choose the right tree care team.


8 Signs It Is Time For Tree Removal

Mar 18th 2024

How do you know when it's time for tree removal in Gainesville, FL? Here, our certified arborists at SkyFrog Tree Service discuss the top eight signs indicating the need for tree removal on your property. Wondering if your tree should be removed? Call our arborists today to schedule an assessment and learn about our comprehensive tree care services!

Can I Prune My Trees In The Winter?

Feb 01st 2024

Did you know that tree pruning is beneficial beyond the spring season? In fact, tree pruning during the winter months can offer an array of benefits for tree health and longevity! Discover the benefits of winter tree pruning with this guide from our certified arborists in Gainesville, FL, with SkyFrog Tree Service!

How Pruning Can Stop Storm Damage

Jan 09th 2024

Do you worry about your property and the trees on it as the storm season approaches? Read this guide from SkyFrog Tree Service and find out how tree pruning from our certified arborists in Gainesville, FL, at SkyFrog Tree Service can stop storm damage and keep your property and landscape safe all season long!