Tree Education

Well-established, healthy trees can have a significant impact on the value of your home, while poorly maintained trees can pose a danger to you, your property, and your guests. Proper tree care is necessary to make sure that your trees are attractive and will last for many years to come. While this service is an investment, it will pay off in the long term and it is vital that you choose the right tree care team.


Why Is Tree Pruning Important?

Oct 20th 2023

Tree pruning is vital to the health, integrity, and longevity of all trees, particularly in North Central Florida, where our trees provide shade from the blazing sun, provide homes and nutrition for local wildlife, and more. Find out why pruning is critical for your trees with this guide from SkyFrog Tree Service! Contact our certified arborists to schedule tree pruning today!

3 Tips To Landscape With Trees

Sep 29th 2023

Trees are a gorgeous, cost-effective way to add bursts of vivid color, implement varying textures, and boost life in your yard. Here, our certified arborists in Gainesville, FL, at SkyFrog Tree Service offer three top tips for implementing trees into your landscape.

How To Prepare Your Trees For A Hurricane

Aug 31st 2023

It's hurricane season! You might be wondering how to protect your property from damage and keep your trees healthy. Our certified arborists in Gainesville, FL, at SkyFrog Tree Service, discuss the top ways to prepare your trees for a hurricane. Schedule tree care services today!