How Often Can You Transplant The Same Tree?

Feb 27th 2023

Each time a tree is moved, it will undergo a period of stress and shock before acclimating to its new home. If a tree is moved too frequently, it may not have enough recovery time and begin to decline in health. Exactly how often a tree can be transplanted depends on the tree’s size and species. As a general guideline, it takes one year to recover per every inch of the tree trunk's diameter. For instance, if the diameter of a healthy tree is 6 inches, it can be transplanted every 6 years. If you need to transplant a tree in a shorter amount of time, be sure to do so correctly and give it an extended time to recover after the move. For more information on tree care and help with your trees, contact our experienced local arborists at SkyFrog Tree Service to schedule a consultation today! 

How To Transplant A Tree

Begin by planning the move and be mindful of any changes in sunlight, soil, and moisture the tree will experience. You’ll want to make sure the conditions are correct for the tree’s type and not too drastic of a change. 

  • Plan Ahead. If the tree is large, consider contacting an experienced tree care company to move it. Our arborists can help protect the tree’s health using the proper equipment and experience to make the process safer and easier.
  • Prepare The New Location. The size of the new hole should be a few inches deeper than the root ball and twice the width. 
  • Remove The Tree. Dig a circle area around the tree using a sharp shovel to cut any roots when necessary. If the soil is packed tightly around the roots, you can shake it or spray it with water to loosen it. 
  • Plant. Holding the tree upright and straight, place the roots in the prepared hole and cover it with new soil, dirt from the previous hole, or both. Lightly tap the soil around the tree but do not tightly compact the soil to allow for proper drainage and airflow. 
  • Care. Lightly water the transplanted tree and allow the area to completely dry before watering it again. 

How SkyFrog Tree Service Can Help

Tree care and transplanting can be tricky, especially for large trees. Our knowledgeable tree care company can assist with planting, removing, and transplanting trees for residential and commercial properties. The simplest way to protect the investment in your landscaping is to utilize our professional services to help your trees thrive. For more information on our transplant services, contact us to receive a consultation and a free quote.