How Pruning Can Stop Storm Damage

Jan 09th 2024

The severity of storms in the Sunshine State can run the gamut, from raging hurricanes to summertime storms with heavy rainfall and strong gusts of wind. While North Central Florida's storms typically take place during our warmer seasons, we can never fully predict what Mother Nature has in store for us. And for property owners with trees, storms can cause significant damage. Storms can uproot trees with shallow root systems, potentially causing them to topple over and damage the surrounding landscape and buildings.

Trees with deadwood and branches prone to snap during heavy storms can also pose threats to property and safety. The best way to protect your trees from storm damage is with professional tree pruning and tree care services from a certified arborist in Gainesville, FL. Here, SkyFrog Tree Service discusses how pruning can help your trees become more resilient and resistant to storm damage. Hire our Gainesville arborists; contact us today to get started!

How Can You Storm Ready Your Trees?

When heavy storms blow through the region, many people may feel inclined to be reactive in their approach to dealing with the resulting damage. The extent of the damage to trees can vary widely, from several broken or cracked branches to trees split in half to trees that have become uprooted and blown over onto the surrounding landscape. When this occurs, most people will call a tree removal service to have the fallen tree hauled away.

However, our Gainesville tree care experts believe it's important to be proactive in your approach when it comes to storm-readiness. A great way to make your trees storm-ready and reduce the risk of costly damage is with arborist pruning. While preparing your trees for incoming storms cannot guarantee no damage will occur, it does help to prepare your trees for a variety of weather elements through regular and proper pruning and removal of problem areas.

How Does Tree Trimming Reduce Storm Damage?

Tree trimming, also called tree pruning, is the selective removal of branches from a tree to direct new, healthy growth, improve the tree's structural integrity, and help facilitate tree restoration and preservation. When performed by a certified arborist, such as those with SkyFrog Tree Service, pruning is among the best things you can do for your tree.

Tree trimming is an investment in the short-term health and aesthetics as well as the long-term longevity of your tree and the safety of your property. During pruning services, our arborists provide a comprehensive tree assessment and remediate all potential tree risk factors. Contact us today to learn how our arborists can storm-ready your trees!

Potential Tree Risk Factors

  • Deadwood
  • Dead or damaged branches or limbs
  • Branches prone to cracking or splitting
  • Structural tree problems
  • Heavily leaning trees
  • Trees with a poor root structure
  • Trees that have been topped
  • Trees with lion tails
  • Trees with an overly full canopy
  • Trees with improper or inadequate pruning
  • Trees with disease or pest infestations

Why You Should Hire A Certified Arborist

While nobody can control the weather, you can make smart, proactive decisions about your tree care, helping to reduce the risk of damage to your property and potential harm to your loved ones from storms. Hiring a certified arborist will reduce the effects storms have on your trees and property.

Proper pruning of mature trees and trees with risk factors will allow the wind to blow through your trees’ canopies without causing damage. If you notice dead, damaged, or diseased wood, overhanging branches, or any other potential risk factors, or a newly established tree that requires support, our arborists have you covered. Call SkyFrog Tree Service today to schedule tree care with a certified Gainesville arborist!