How To Keep Your Trees Healthy This Spring

Apr 27th 2023

Spring is right around the corner! Along with your yearly spring cleaning, your trees require some TLC. While nature certainly takes its course in helping wake up your trees after their dormant period, you’ll still want to spend some time sprucing up your trees for spring. By taking steps to prepare your trees for spring, you can help ensure improved tree health, enhanced appearance, replenished nutrients, improved safety, and a reduction in diseases and pests. 

Help the trees in your yard, garden, or landscape get ready for the upcoming growing season with these helpful tree-health tips from a certified arborist in Gainesville, FL, at SkyFrog Tree Service! Contact us today to get a head start on springtime tree care with our comprehensive tree care services designed to keep your trees healthy and thriving year-round. 

Look Out For Pests & Damage

North Central Florida is blessed with moderate winter weather. Even so, winter can be hard on your trees. Insects and other pests seeking refuge may have made their homes in your trees, and you may also see signs of disease or damage throughout different areas. While any tree can be affected by disease and pests, mature trees may be particularly vulnerable. If you’re unsure about whether your tree has disease, pests, or damage, contact our experienced arborists. We will come to your property and assess your tree’s health with a tree assessment. If we find any signs of pests or damage, we’ll recommend services to help restore your tree back to top health!

Add A New Mulch Layer

When the air becomes cool and humidity drops, it’s common for the soil around the base of your trees to become dry. One way to increase the level of moisture in your trees and your tree’s roots is with a beneficial layer of new mulch. Adding new mulch will help protect your trees against dry soils and weeds. Mulch traps moisture, but too much moisture close to your tree’s trunk can cause future problems. To avoid moisture-related issues, make sure to spread the mulch around the base of your trees and not up the trunks. We recommend 3–4 inches of mulch. Any more is called a “tree volcano” and can be harmful. 

Prune Your Trees

If you’ve ever gotten your hair trimmed, you’ll know they help your hair grow by removing dead growth. Similarly, our arborist services, like tree pruning in Gainesville, FL, can be great for preparing your trees for the seasons to come. For most trees, pruning is best done right before their leaves begin to turn green. When conducted by a certified arborist, pruning is an excellent way to remove dead or diseased branches and give your trees come room to grow. Pruning can help prevent branches from becoming crowded and reduce the potential for failure now and in the future. 

Water Your Trees

Now it’s time to give your trees a much-needed drink! Your trees are thirsty after winter, and they’ll continue experiencing dehydration as we enter warmer-weather months. The amount and frequency of water each tree needs varies from tree to tree based on its size, age, and species. Watering your trees deeply is always better than surface-level watering. Tree roots typically lie up to 24 inches under the ground, so the deeper the water can penetrate, the better chance the roots have to retain needed moisture.

Remove Dead Growth

Taking preventative measures for tree care, such as scheduling professional tree assessments, can help ensure your tree grows healthily for years to come. During tree assessments, your arborist may recommend various services, such as pruning or other treatments. Should they find a tree is dead, they will likely recommend tree removal. Removing dead trees is a critical step in readying your yard for spring, as it will make the necessary space available for planting new trees!