How To Stop Tree Roots From Sprouting In Your Lawn

Oct 24th 2022

Many different species of trees develop latent buds under their bark. When the trees become stressed (whether due to a storm or poor soil conditions), those latent buds start to grow. When stressed trees try to regenerate, tree buds and roots can sprout. When trees are healthy, they generally spread their roots from the trunk to nearby areas. For trees, these shoots and roots are useful to help them endure damage and continue growing, to humans, they can sometimes be a nuisance. We love having healthy trees, but overgrown or invading tree roots can sprout and cause damage to our natural landscapes. When left alone, problematic roots can even pose a major trip hazard to humans and animals.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to manage unwanted roots and prevent tree roots from sprouting in the future. Here, Gainesville arborists with SkyFrog Tree Service discuss some of the best ways to stop tree roots from sprouting on your property. Contact us to request a free estimate for all of your tree care needs and to learn more about the professional tree services we offer. Ask about our tree restoration and preservation services!

Call A Master Arborist

If you feel frustrated or overwhelmed by the task of removing and preventing tree roots from sprouting in your lawn, garden, yard, or other natural space, consulting our master arborists is just about the best thing you can do. Our certified tree specialists have the knowledge, training, and equipment necessary to tackle any tree-related concern while preserving your natural landscape. Hiring a professional to address your tree root issue can help ensure your property is protected, your tree and other greenery are well cared for, and your issue is solved the right way. Contact us for more information about our services!

Consider Alternative Methods First

When your tree’s visible roots start becoming a problem in your landscape, first consider the methods of addressing the issue, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We recommend using natural methods over harsh, chemical options. For example, using rock salt is an excellent way to stop tree roots from sprouting in your lawn, as rock salt kills the roots over time by gradually dehydrating them. Be sure to keep your pets away from the area after spreading this to avoid possible hazards. 

Cut Invasive Roots In The Ground

To address invasive roots, cut less problematic roots to reduce the risk of damage to surrounding plants and grass. Dig out as much soil as possible from under and around the targeted roots and cut them with a saw. Keep in mind severing any significant tree roots can possibly lead to tree leaning and failure. To prevent this, measure the tree’s diameter and multiply that number by eight. The given result will represent the minimum distance from the trunk where you can cut a root without risking severe damage. Additionally, be sure to avoid cutting roots on more than one side of the tree at one time. Need help cutting invasive roots? SkyFrog Tree Service has you covered! Contact us today!

Be Wary About Using Herbicides

Another option for getting rid of roots is to use herbicide. We strongly advise against using any herbicides to address issues on your property. While some herbicides may kill off your tree’s problematic roots, they will also kill the tree’s healthy roots and those surrounding vegetation and trees. Many of our trees exist in clonal colonies, meaning there’s a united structure that comes together underground. To best avoid harming surrounding plants or accidentally poisoning wildlife, it’s best to stay away from herbicides and chemical-based root killers. Instead, let us handle the issue and leave your tree and property in a better and healthier overall condition!

Check out our tree services FAQs page, or call us to speak to a certified Gainesville arborist!