Storm Preparation For Trees

May 31st 2024

A violent, unexpected storm can quickly wreak havoc on your property, damaging and downing trees and causing disturbances to the yard on your residential or commercial property. Preparing your trees with the help of a certified arborist in Gainesville, FL, such as those with SkyFrog Tree Service, can help ensure your trees and property are protected from storm damage. Here, our Gainesville arborist discusses top storm preparation tips for trees on your property in North Central Florida. Our team can handle all aspects of tree care, from pre-storm assessments to emergency tree removal if your tree topples during a storm. Contact us today to speak with an arborist and request services for your property!

Hire A Certified Gainesville Arborist

Hurricane and storm season in Florida can look different from year to year. If we get lucky, we have little tropical storm activity, but it's always best to prepare for the worst when the tropical season arrives at full strength. Hurricanes can pop up at any time of year, though they are most common from the start of June to the end of November, with most storms concentrated in the middle of that timeframe. Among the best things you can do for storm preparedness for your trees is to call a certified tree specialist for professional Gainesville arborist services. Our experts are specially trained to identify and treat any signs of illness or tree damage. Having one of our specialists inspect your trees before a storm is one of the best ways to prepare for storm and hurricane season.

Inspect The Trees On Your Property

Aside from consulting a certified and licensed arborist for Gainesville tree care, another important aspect of tree storm preparedness is walking around the entirety of your property to inspect your trees visually. Take some time before the storm is set to arrive by walking around your yard and taking note of the condition of each of your trees. Pay particular attention to the bark, trunk, branches, and canopies. Look for any signs of potentially dangerous or unsecured branches and any signs of infestation or infection. If anything appears to be amiss or if you'd rather have experts handle the inspection process for greater peace of mind, call our arborists at SkyFrog Tree Service for prompt tree care services you can count on!

Prune Your Trees Regularly

Maintaining a well-trimmed and pruned tree benefits the tree's health and aesthetic beauty, but it is also advantageous for readying your trees for impending storms. Tree pruning is beneficial for storm prep in its ability to reduce the chance of damage from broken or unsecured branches to surrounding structures, people, and animals, and it can also improve the degree of wind resistance to trees. During pruning, branches located too close to nearby buildings, power lines, and other features are expertly removed. In addition to higher branches, low branches may be removed to improve the tree's stability.

Keep A Watchful Eye After The Storm

Once you've weathered the storm, keeping a watchful eye over your trees is important. Some damage may be instantly obvious following the storm, but you may not see the full extent of some tree damage until months later. Trees can sustain damage in some ways, including those not visible on the tree's exterior features. Some trees can decline in health over time, so inspect their leaves and monitor their overall health regularly. Pay particular attention to any palms and pines on your property, as they can be more susceptible to damage from pests and disease.