Do You Need To Remove Dead Trees?

Apr 18th 2024

Trees offer a wealth of ecological, aesthetic, functional, and even economic benefits to our homes and businesses. Having lush, full, healthy trees on your property can provide native plants and animals with refuge and shelter, offer beautiful and picturesque views, provide natural shade and insulation to help regulate interior temperatures, and increase the values of our properties. However, if you have storm damaged trees or trees that are dead, there can be negative consequences to having them on your property.

While some trees with certain repairable damage may respond well to Tree restoration and preservation from a Gainesville arborist, those that are dead may require tree removal. Here, our Gainesville, FL, tree removal experts with SkyFrog Tree Service discuss the risks posed by dead trees, how to determine if your tree is dying or dead, and when removal may be necessary. Contact us today for local arborist services for all the trees on your property!

What Risks Do Dead Trees Pose?

You may look at a dead tree on your property and wonder, "Do I really have to remove that tree?" Home and business owners may opt to put off removal when a tree dies, or they may not even be aware of the risk that dead trees can pose to their properties, nearby animals and plants, and human safety. Whether you have a recently established tree or a mature tree that has died, our certified arborists offer professional assessments and, if necessary, can perform Gainesville tree removal to remove risk and hazard from dead trees on your property.

Safety Hazards

An important reason to contact a tree care specialist or arborist for tree removal services for dead trees on your property is that dead trees pose a significant safety hazard. Dead trees have reduced stability and strength, meaning their dead branches are more likely to fall during high winds or storms, or they can fall from the weight of gravity alone. This risks injury to anyone nearby and damage to nearby properties or structures.

Disease Spread To Other Trees

If a tree dies or is in the process of dying due to disease, there may be a chance that it could spread the disease to surrounding plants and trees. If a tree becomes diseased, the disease can spread whether or not the tree is still alive. Should mold, fungus, or other diseases affect nearby trees, it could affect their health and potentially cause them to die. The disease makes trees particularly vulnerable to pests and less able to recover from damage. If you've previously had a tree removed and a stump remains, and you begin to notice signs of disease in the stump, then stump removal may be necessary.

Reduced Curb Appeal

A dead tree can make your landscape less visually appealing, reducing your property's curb appeal and potentially even reducing your property's value. A large, dead or rotting tree can stick out like a sore thumb from an otherwise well-kempt natural landscape. Property owners invest time, effort, and money making their landscapes beautiful.

Is My Tree Dying Or Dead?

It can be hard for the average person to know if a tree is dead or beyond saving. If your tree has sustained significant storm damage, has decayed roots, a severely leaning trunk, or a hollow trunk, it may be dead and require removal from your property. Additionally, if a tree on your property constantly sheds bark, limbs, or wood or no longer produces leaves during the growing season, it's likely dead. The best way to determine if your tree is dying or dead is with the help of a certified arborist, such as those with SkyFrog Tree Service.

Call Our Certified Arborist For Gainesville Tree Removal

If you need tree removal in Gainesville, FL, call SkyFrog Tree Service. Our licensed and certified local arborists have provided expert tree care services to homeowners and business owners for years, ensuring the trees on their property are healthy and don't pose a hazard to people, animals, and property. Contact us today to learn more about our available services and to schedule tree removal services.