Should You Cable Your Tree?

Oct 18th 2017

Trees, especially well-established trees, may appear to be indestructible. However, trees grow in the direction of sunlight and might overextend or grow multiple trunks. In these cases, trimming will not suffice to protect your tree and surrounding property. If you suspect that your tree might need cables, contact a Gainesville tree care company like SkyFrog Tree Service to come inspect your tree and expertly add any necessary cables.

How Does Cabling Work?

Every homeowner knows the danger dead branches can pose to their house and property, but live branches are even more hazardous because they are much heavier. When our Gainesville arborist deems that cabling is necessary to prevent these live branches from collapsing, our team will come to install cables for you. To attach them, bolts are drilled into different sections of your tree and then a strong steel cable is used to connect the two anchors. These cables will work to reduce the strain on the structural integrity and prevent the branches from moving independently and dangerously during Florida thunderstorms.

When Will an Arborist Recommend Cabling?

The purpose of cabling is to help stabilize your tree and remove the pressure placed on its roots, trunk and branches. If your tree has multiple trunks, particularly if it creates a “V” shape, it will be in significant danger of literally splitting in half. Cabling can help by distributing the weight of the various main trunks and allowing them to support each other. The same is true when a branch has developed off the trunk and is growing quickly. These branches are heavier than the rest of the branches, and if they break off, they will cause severe damage to the surrounding area. An arborist can prevent this from happening by adding a cable from this branch to the main trunk.

Importance of Tree Care Professionals

Though you may be tempted to stabilize your tree with cables by yourself, it is vital that you consult professional tree care services in Gainesville, FL. Certified arborists have thorough knowledge about tree health and maintenance and will be able to reliably assess whether your tree needs cables and, if so, where the anchors should be placed. Our highly trained team at SkyFrog will install them using materials and techniques that satisfy the standards of the industry. The cables will then be strategically placed higher up in the canopy so they will not take away from the aesthetics of your tree.

Tree Care Companies in Gainesville, FL

When you suspect that the stability of your tree has been compromised, contact SkyFrog Tree Service immediately. Not only can we help you install cables, but we offer services for all of your other tree care needs. Our certified arborists and experienced team members are dedicated to maintaining the health of your tree to help it thrive for many years to come. In worst case scenarios, we can also provide tree removal in Gainesville, FL, services as well. Call our office today to find out how we can help your trees.