Tree Care During the Summer

May 22nd 2018

Knowing which plant hardiness zone your home or business is located in goes a long way toward keeping your trees healthy during a long, hot Florida summer. For the Gainesville area, we blend Zones 8 and 9. This means certain species of trees will have a higher heat tolerance than others. The tolerance, along with other factors, has a crucial role in the tree’s health during all life stages.

Life Stages Of A Tree

Young Trees

Young trees need persistent attention to begin a healthy and long life. This attention begins by planting a new tree in a place where it will have plenty of space to grow. Tree supports, such as stakes, are used to prop up a young tree as it begins to establish its root system. New saplings should receive up to one inch of water each week, focusing on allowing the water to soak into the root ball and surrounding area.

Mature Trees

Mature trees are considered to be in the prime of their life. Caring for a mature tree is usually straightforward, focusing on health maintenance and minimizing risks to people and property. Periodically check a mature tree for signs of disease, pest infestation, and stress. SkyFrog Tree Service provides professional tree trimming Gainesville, FL service for all species of mature trees.

Senior Trees

Trees reach senior status based on species, not a specific age. With its advanced age, a senior tree needs a little extra TLC. A constant mulch layer, usually two inches to three inches deep, promotes moisture retention and slows soil compaction and erosion. Check mulch layers during the summer and add more as necessary. Because senior trees continually weaken, bracing, cabling and other support systems may be recommended, especially during hurricane season.

When To Water Trees During Summer

Morning is the best time to water a tree, regardless of age. For an established tree, it’s important the root zone receives an appropriate amount of water. Plan on watering a tree three times longer than the lawn. A long screwdriver or yardstick should easily penetrate six to eight inches into the ground to check if a tree is receiving enough water.

Signs of Underwatering

  • Leaves turn brown at tips or along edges;
  • Leaves curl, droop, or wilt;
  • Early leaf drop and fall color; and
  • The tree canopy is sparse with off-color and undersized leaves.

Signs of Overwatering

  • Consistently soggy or marshy ground surrounding the tree;
  • Green leaves are fragile and break easily; and
  • New growth withers before reaching full growth.

How Landscape Choices Affect Trees

Trees are an integral part of any landscape but the surrounding landscape plays a significant role in their health. Here are three common landscaping features that affect trees of all age and health.


Summer in Florida brings a regular mowing schedule for many people. Though this routine keeps the landscape immaculate, mower blades and string trimmers can cause damage to exposed tree roots and trunks. If struck, the tree then re-allocates its nutrients and strength to heal these areas. Repeated injuries will stress a tree to the point its health starts to decline.

Lawn Sprinklers

Many homes and businesses in Florida rely on sprinkler systems to supplement natural watering from summer rains. But if the system is damaged, or sprays in a steady, rotating stream, it might be overwatering the trees. Mature trees usually need less water than a lawn and overwatering exposes a tree to decay, disease, and pest infestations.

Heat Sponges

Heat sponges, such as block walls, glass, and water surfaces, absorb and reflect the sun’s heat during the summer. If future landscaping plans include installing a retaining wall or body of water, be mindful of placement to standing trees. A healthy tree can quickly be stressed by more heat and decline rapidly.

Preparing Trees For Summer Storms

From regular afternoon thunderstorms to major hurricanes, trees in Florida are threatened every year by summer storms. As a home or business owner, there are three things you can do to prepare and protect your trees.

Regular Pruning

Regular tree pruning removes damaged or dead branches that pose a risk to people and property if they were to fall during a storm. A professional tree care company such as SkyFrog Tree Service can evaluate a tree and determine what branches and limbs should be removed.

Proper Mulch

Mulch helps prepare a tree throughout the year by allowing nutrients and water to slowly seep into the root system. It also acts as a protective layer to the roots which can

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is one of the many tree care services offered by SkyFrog Tree Service. Our certified arborists can recommend a lightning protection system that safeguards the tree and surrounding property in the event of a lightning strike.