Tree Disease Prevention And Treatment

Jun 19th 2024

Why should you care about tree health? For one, damaged trees can lead to falling branches. These branches, depending on their size, can cause injury to people and animals. A tree in poor health can also depreciate your home's property value.

Most importantly, trees can be a beautiful, natural addition to your yard's landscaping. They provide fresh, clean air, shade, and shelter for native animals. It is time to show our appreciation for our trees! While most trees are sturdy and can withstand Florida's inclement weather, they are not immune to diseases. Proper tree care practices can keep your trees tall and healthy for years to come.

At SkyFrog Tree Service, we are able to rejuvenate and revive weak, damaged trees. We can help you design a custom tree protection plan that works with your lifestyle! Contact us today to schedule services or to request a free estimate on our services.

Causes Of Tree Disease

A healthy tree can become sick for many different reasons. When trees are weakened due to lack of water or nutrients, they are more likely to contract an illness. Pests or extreme weather conditions can also contribute to a decline in your tree's health. If you suspect your tree to be diseased, you should call one of our Florida arborists. We can help you determine if your tree is affected by fungi, bacteria, a virus, parasites, or nematodes.

Common Florida tree diseases include fusiform rust, laurel wilt, apple scab, oak wilt, and Ganoderma.

Signs Of A Diseased Tree

It is important to regularly inspect and examine your trees for abnormalities or early signs of disease. Otherwise, the health of your tree can quickly worsen as the disease grows more severe. The disease can also spread to nearby plants if not addressed. Early signs of potential disease include:

  • A change in bark appearance is a good indicator of tree illness. If your tree's bark is wet, flaky, or a different color than normal, your tree is at risk.
  • Leaves that are wilting or falling during the wrong season is not a positive sign. It could mean pests, rot, or insufficient nutrients are affecting your tree.
  • Dead or weakened branches are a sign of severe damage. Remove any dead or dying branches from your tree as quickly as possible.
  • An increase in bugs on or around your tree could signal a pest infestation.

Treatment For Tree Disease

A sick tree doesn't have to mean a dead tree. Tree disease can be treated with fungicide, pest removal, or one of SkyFrog Tree Service's plant growth regulators. Our plant growth regulators will keep nutrients in your tree's root system. They also increase fibrous roots and chlorophyll production, which improves your tree's ability to fight infestation and disease.

If the disease has unfortunately progressed, we also offer tree removal services. Our hard-working and disciplined crew will safely move and dispose of your tree.

Tree Disease Prevention

  • Change your watering habits. Overwatering your tree can create a moist, damp breeding ground for parasites, mold, and funguses. Similarly, underwatering can weaken your tree, due to a lack of nutrients. Know your tree's variety so you can adjust your watering schedule accordingly.
  • Prune your trees at least once a year. Late autumn and winter is the best time for tree pruning. Pruning and tree trimming is important to encourage new growth, remove dead or diseased branches, and increase sun and air circulation.

Florida Tree Care Services

With over 40 years of experience, our certified arborists are thoroughly knowledgeable in tree care and preservation. Our tree technician experts and arborists are ready to help customers in Alachua, Gainesville, Jonesville, High Springs, Newberry, and Ocala, FL. Contact our team for a free estimate on your Florida tree service.