Tree Service in Gainesville, FL

At SkyFrog Tree Service, we understand just how much work goes into ensuring that the trees around your Gainesville property grow and remain healthy year-round. Contrary to what many people may believe, both new and mature trees require upkeep to grow strong without damaging the surrounding property. SkyFrog Tree Service is a Gainesville arborist company with the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to provide first-rate tree care.

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Residential Tree Services

Tree & Stump Removal

If you have an unwanted tree on your home’s property, we offer tree removal Gainesville, FL, residents can count on. Overgrown or damaged trees can pose serious danger when they aren’t removed by professional arborists. Leftover tree stumps from improperly cut trees can be an eyesore on your property and potentially attract pests. Our stump removal and stump grinding services can ensure that your home’s landscape looks perfectly even. To make the most of the stump, we can grind it into mulch.

Emergency Storm Response

In Florida, heavy storms and strong winds can weaken and damage tree limbs, causing them to break, fall, and potentially damage homes, cars and other valuables. Our 24-hour emergency storm response service assists Gainesville residents with the removal of trees, limbs and debris from damaged areas. We can also provide further trimming services to prepare trees for an upcoming storm.

Tree Pruning & Dead Wood Removal

At SkyFrog Tree Service, we believe trees should be both beautiful and healthy. Our services include dead wood removal, pruning and tree trimming Gainesville, FL, residents can rely on to reduce safety hazards, allow more light to reach their landscape, maintain healthy canopies, ensure proper tree growth and improve the overall aesthetic value of their properties.

Mature Tree Care

While trees of all ages require regular maintenance to ensure proper development, many people don't realize that mature trees need specific types of care and maintenance to stay healthy. Certified arborists in Gainesville with SkyFrog Tree Service can help reduce the likelihood of old trees endangering their surroundings and advise you if any precautionary safety measures need to be taken.

Commercial Tree Services

Tree Trimming

Improve your business’ aesthetic with regular tree maintenance from a certified Gainesville arborist with SkyFrog Tree Service. Trees can provide shade and give any property a natural appeal. Our trimming service removes overgrowth to allow more moisture and light to reach the rest of the canopy and tree. Contact us so your property, employees an clientele can enjoy the benefits of commercial tree maintenance year-round.

Mature Tree Care

Mature trees provide comfort and aesthetics to many commercial properties throughout Gainesville, FL. Our certified arborists can help you keep them healthy for years to come. They assess mature trees for possible health issues and recommend proven solutions to extend the trees’ longevity and boost their aesthetic value.

Commercial Pruning

Commercial tree pruning in Gainesville, FL, is a strategic alternative to regular tree trimming. Pruning is generally done when the tree is in its dormant state. The main reasons for pruning are to protect the tree's overall health, improve or maintain the structural integrity for safety reasons, and enhance the appearance of the tree and its surrounding landscape. Pruning services include crown thinning, heading back and large limb removal.

New Tree Establishment

Business owners are highly concerned with how their offices look, feel and come across to clients, employees and stakeholders. At SkyFrog Tree Service, we have the necessary equipment and expertise to properly establish and care for new trees on your property.

Tree Service Company in Gainesville, FL

At SkyFrog Tree Service, we are dedicated to providing our clients with tree care services of the highest quality. Contact us today to schedule residential and commercial tree service Gainesville, FL, residents trust.