Tree Services in Ocala, FL

When owning large swaths of land, it is important to keep the property well-maintained before dead trees and overgrowth house unwanted pests. It's typical to find patches of trees lining and dotting the many pastures and farms in the Ocala area, but did you know that those trees could present a hazard to your property and livestock?

SkyFrog Tree Service provides tree care services for horse farms, cattle farms and other large properties in Ocala, FL including tree removal and stump removal, pruning and dead wood removal, stump grinding, and emergency storm response. We can also help you establish a more welcoming environment on your farm through new tree establishment and mature tree care services. Our Ocala arborists are licensed, insured and experienced to do the job safely.

Ocala Tree Removal

Sometimes trees can become an issue in a property and need to be removed. This can be due to an overgrown tree that poses a physical threat; a tree that has been badly damaged or is dying; a tree blocking a certain area of the property; or a number of other reasons. However, removing a tree can be difficult and dangerous without the proper equipment and knowledge. At SkyFrog Tree Service, you can count on us for tree removal in Ocala, FL near homes, fences, electric wires or other structures.

Ocala Tree Services

Pruning & Dead Wood Removal

Tree limbs often break or become weak due to natural causes, but allowing brittle limbs to fall when they’re ready can create a safety hazard for your property, workers, and livestock. In order to avoid any tree limbs from falling unexpectedly, it’s best to contact a professional arborist for dead wood removal and tree pruning. Pruning also helps trees stay healthy and reduce air resistance in the canopy during storms with strong winds.

Emergency Storm Response

In Florida, it is common to experience heavy storms with high winds. The result of these thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes can easily include upturned or fallen trees and large, broken branches damaging nearby fences, feeding apparatuses, homes, barns, farming equipment and even horses and cows.

In order to get your property free of any debris as soon as possible to maintain a safe environment, we provide emergency storm response services.

Ocala Tree Service

New Tree Establishment

If you wish to plant new trees throughout your horse farm to provide some shade, close of an area, or simply for aesthetic purposes, count on SkyFrog Tree Service. Our arborists can quickly and efficiently plant new trees around your property while ensuring the health of the trees. Our arborists will also make sure that there is sufficient space around the trees so that they have enough room to grow.

Mature Tree Care

Many people fail to recognize that even fully grown trees require maintenance. A poorly maintained tree can quickly die, invite pests into your property, or become a hazard. Our arborists are trained to evaluate trees to help them to stay healthy for as long as possible.

Tree Service Company in Ocala, FL

At SkyFrog Tree Service, we understand the important roles that trees play in a property and know just how to properly care for them. Contact us today for all your needed tree services in Ocala, FL for your horse farm.