What To Do With Uprooted Trees

Jul 31st 2023

The trees on your property may appear strong and stable, but that's not necessarily true for some trees. Whether it's due to unstable soil, water logging, heavy storms, or hurricanes, our trees in North Central Florida can become uprooted. Uprooted trees appear to be plucked from the ground and laid to rest on their sides next to the gaping holes they came from. In most cases, uprooted trees appear to have their roots intact, leading many people to think they can simply stick them back in the ground to resume their growth. However, this isn't always possible.

Do you know what to do about trees uprooted on your property? Read on for information from a certified arborist with SkyFrog Tree Service about when to schedule a tree assessment, emergency tree removal, and other tree care services for your uprooted tree.

How Are Trees Uprooted In A Storm?

During heavy storms and hurricanes, North Central Florida receives significant rainfall, softening the ground and soil that stabilizes the tree's roots. As heavy winds set in, your tree's canopy acts as a boat's sail, which can cause the entire tree to topple over and become uprooted. Very wet soils are far less likely to securely hold together the tree's roots than stable, drier soils. In addition, trees can become susceptible to being uprooted due to changes in soil conditions, poor health, erosion, fungal infections, pest infestations, changes in soil composition, tree age, size and weight of the tree crown, and soil saturation.

Whether before a storm or hurricane or simply to receive a tree assessment on the health and stability of your tree, our trusted Gainesville arborist services can help ensure the trees you love will remain with you for years to come and can help you know what to do if a tree requires removal.

Can Partially Uprooted Trees Be Saved?

Trees that become uprooted may only be partially uprooted. But can they be saved? Sometimes. A partially uprooted tree can be saved if its roots are still intact and not broken, and a litany of factors. Most tree roots don't penetrate very deep into the soil. Depending on the species, most tree roots are 12–18 inches from the soil's surface.

While the main purpose of a tree's roots is to provide it with essential nutrients and anchorage, heavy rainfall and high wind rates can overpower the roots. The best way to determine whether or not your tree can be saved after it becomes uprooted is with the help of our Gainesville tree care specialists.

Can Uprooted Trees Be Replanted?

When a tree is completely uprooted, it's likely many of its roots have been broken and damaged. How extensive the destruction of the roots is and the tree's overall health before falling and being uprooted will largely determine whether the tree can be replanted. Very large trees need their extensive root system to obtain water, nutrients, and mineral salts from the soil, transporting them throughout the tree's height, width, and anchorage. This makes the possibility of successful replanting low.

If a tree sustains damage to its trunk or limbs when it is uprooted and falls to its side, there is often very little you can do. Smaller-size trees may have a higher chance of surviving because they do not yet have massive root systems, and because they weigh less than very large trees, they have a reduced chance of sustaining damage to their trunk or limbs during the fall. A great deal of care is required in replanting uprooted trees. Contact your local tree specialists at SkyFrog Tree Service!

When To Remove Uprooted Trees

Unfortunately, not all uprooted trees can be saved. If an uprooted tree cannot be saved, it's time to remove it. This is performed when trees are completely uprooted, cannot be recovered, or have sustained damage due to disease, insects, or other causes. Our team of arborists takes great care to determine whether a tree can be saved before recommending tree and stump removal. If a tree is deemed too far gone, the removal process should be handled by professionals due to heavy branches and limbs as well as potential interferences with sewer and water lines. A professional arborist with our team can safely and efficiently remove the tree while ensuring you, your loved ones, and your property are safe. Contact us today for trusted tree removal in Gainesville, FL.