When Is the Best Time To Plant Trees?

Dec 13th 2022

For those with a green thumb, one of the top benefits of living in North Central Florida is the near year-round warmth and high moisture conditions. In other parts of the country, trees grow and evolve with the seasons, typically budding in the springtime, soaking up the sun in the summer months, shedding their foliage during the fall, and remaining bare throughout the winter. For those living in Gainesville, our trees experience subtler season changes, but that doesn’t mean our tree-growing cycle remains stagnant year-round. Our geographic region's climatic conditions during each season are critical for tree growth and development. Here, our certified arborists in Gainesville, FL, with SkyFrog Tree Service, discuss the best times of the year to plant new trees on your property and offer tips for helping your new trees thrive for years to come.

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Why Plant From Spring Through Fall

Knowing when to plant your trees can make all the difference for the health and viability of your new trees, allowing them to take root properly and remain in the ground for the long haul. As per our tree planting schedule, determining the current climatic conditions during each season is more important than categorizing seasons as standalone markers for tree planting. In North Central Florida, the ideal combination of temperature, humidity, and precipitation for new tree planting occurs from May to October, when we typically experience significant rain and adequate sunshine. This combination of high rainfall and sun results in high humidity levels, helping native trees and shrubs grow and thrive. 

Though May through October is a great timescale for planting new trees, we typically advise against planting new trees during the summer. The intense summertime sunshine can suck essential moisture and irrigation from new trees, adversely affecting their growth and development. Additionally, the scorching sun and high temperatures make summertime a less-than-optimal season for landscaping and outdoor exertion. The best way around this, and to ensure your trees get everything they need for success, is to hire a Gainesville arborist! Contact SkyFrog Tree Service today to schedule your tree services.

Can I Plant A Tree During Winter?

In North Central Florida, our climate allows us to plant nearly year-round. While you can plant a tree during any season and on any day of the year, certain sunshine, rainfall, and humidity conditions during specific seasons can be more suitable for establishing new trees on your property than others. Most young trees purchased for planting are grown and housed in favorable conditions, such as in tree farms or plant nurseries, where they are nurtured with specific growing conditions, moisture levels, and sunshine. 

When these trees enter your outdoor landscape, they need time to adjust and take root. Thus, planting new trees in winter is not typically ideal. If you must plant your tree during winter, wait for a week or two of increased warmth and humidity in the forecast. By planting your new tree during warm weeks, even in the winter season, you allow the tree to adjust to the new soil, sunlight, and rainfall conditions, which increases the likelihood of success and growth now and in the future.

How Can I Ensure The Success Of New Trees?

The best way to ensure the success of newly planted trees is to consult a certified arborist, such as those with SkyFrog Tree Service! While homeowners can certainly plant some small trees and shrubs themselves, new tree planting is optimally performed by a skilled arborist, who can provide the new trees with the best chance of growth and survival and ensure the properties (and their inhabitants) remain safe. Our tree specialists can prepare the soil and site properly for new tree establishment, ensuring the tree and its location accommodate the homeowner’s goals, whether they want to plant the tree for shade, privacy, fruiting and flowering, aesthetics, or simple enjoyment of trees. Contact us today to request a free estimate for professional tree establishment, tree care, and tree preservation services!

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