Why Is Tree Pruning Important?

Oct 20th 2023

Do you know why some trees you see appear so healthy and beautiful while others may look unkempt and potentially hazardous? Do you wish the trees on your property could grow to be vibrant and filled with life? If so, an arborist in Gainesville, FL, at SkyFrog Tree Service can help! Trees are among the most wonderful features of the natural world and provide a wealth of benefits for humans and local wildlife alike.

As beautiful as they are, trees require pruning to maintain their health and rich appearance. Here, our certified arborists discuss the importance of tree pruning, what tree pruning accomplishes, and when to schedule pruning for your trees. Contact us today to schedule Gainesville arborist services.

What Is Pruning?

Tree pruning is a professional maintenance and tree care service in which our arborist carefully assesses a tree and cuts and removes certain parts of the tree, like branches, buds, and parts of roots that are dead, diseased, or may affect the health, longevity, or growth of the tree. When performed by a certified arborist, tree pruning service offers a wide range of benefits to the tree, surrounding plants and wildlife, and people around the tree as well.

What Does Pruning Accomplish?

When a tree's branch dies, whether it's due to pests, fungus, other disease, storm damage, or a lack of water, it is susceptible to breaking off. In high winds, heavy rainfall, or other storm-like conditions, the fallen branch can cause significant damage to the surrounding property and animals and bystanders. Pruning is the primary method our arborists use to remove deadwood from our clients' trees safely.

Promotes Structural Integrity

A tree's structural integrity is what keeps it standing tall. When a tree's branches become weak, they can threaten the tree's structural integrity. Pruning removes these weak branches, bolstering the tree's strength and allowing the stronger branches to take over the load.

Prevents Tree Diseases & Pests

Earth's trees are among its oldest living organisms. Tree pruning helps our trees reach their full lifespan, preventing diseases and pests from harming, damaging, or killing them. Pruning eliminates branches affected by certain harmful growths like water sprouts and suckers.

Reduces The Need For Tree Maintenance

Pruning services from a certified arborist offer the benefit of reduced maintenance required to keep trees healthy and beautiful over time. Moreover, pruning eliminates problem branches, making it easier for tree trimmers to complete their work with fewer branches to contend with.

Prevents Interference

Many of our trees here in North Central Florida are planted in suburban landscapes, meaning many of them can become entangled with human landscape features, like power lines, sidewalks, and windows. Pruning can safely shape a tree to best fit its surroundings.

When To Call Our Arborists For Tree Pruning

Our temperate climate in Gainesville means that the best time to prune is all year round! Pruning and deadwood removal are easily accomplished at any time of the year and during any season. However, some trees may benefit from pruning during the colder months of the year. The best rule of thumb is to contact our certified arborists about the ideal strategy for pruning specific varieties of trees on your property! We can create a custom schedule for tree trimming that you can follow for beautiful, healthy trees that stand the test of time!